AgeSearch alpha

A chronostratigraphically spiced search engine...


AgeSearch is a scientific web search engine especially designed to help geoscientists to estimate the "stratigraphy" of their web searches.

It uses the ageparser technology to scan found web pages for names of stratigraphic units, e.g. litho-, chrono or biostratigraphic zones, and displays the best matching stratigraphic system or era

For researches in the fields of geology or paleontology it can be useful if you need a quick estimate on the stratigraphic context of e.g. a geographic region or a distinct fossil name.
But it can also serve for other purposes, e.g. to give an overview on the stratigraphic expertise of researchers if you enter the name of an earth scientist, geologist or paleontologist you know (e.g.: a query for Christian Leopold von Buch).